hands-down the most responsible and caring breeder whose expertise produces not only the best puppies but is a betterment to the breed itself. I’m deliriously happy with the two McMillan’s pups I have and highly recommend Alicia to anyone interested in adopting a mini dachshund. Her painstaking dedication to producing such high quality dogs isn’t found anywhere else. Top notch


- Tracy

I am very happy with my 4.5 year old ee cream female that we got as a puppy and our 7 year old English creme female whom we also purchased with the puppy. Apple and Elsee are not my dogs; they are my kids and I look at them that way. Thanks to McMillans for producing such great dogs. - David

My McMillan dachshund is about 4 months old now and I couldn’t be happier. She is healthy, smart and has a great personality. Not to mention she couldn’t be any cuter!! Alisha was great to work with and certainly proved why McMillan’s Dachshunds is known as a reputable breeder producing quality dogs. When I am ready, my next pup will be another McMillan’s Dachshund! - Linda

Love my McMillian fur babies. Good temperament, beautiful, sweet and loving. - Michelle

Summits my cream male that I received from McMillans a little less than a year ago! He’s the sweetest, most adventurous dachshund I’ve ever met. He has such an awesome disposition and loves anyone and everything. I can’t wait to get my second from them! - Jenni

I’ve received 2 wonderful pups from them! Amazing!!! - Teri

Our baby girl Blu is such a blessing to our family. Everyone that has the luck & privilege to have the opportunity to have one of their fur baby's is blessed! Everyone says the same thing. That their puppies are very sweet & have a great disposition. We are very lucky to have our baby! - Nikki

We got our Bear two years ago and he is the absolute best pup! He was easy to train, very mild mannered and so sweet! We fell in love instantly! - Opal

We got Milo in January. He is a wonderful addition to our family. So sweet and smart and cuddly. We are so happy. Dealing with McMillians was easy and they were quick to answer questions. Thank you!!! - Jessica

We got our little girl Freya in the beginning of March and had an overall great experience! Alisha was very quick to respond to my inquiry, and was very accommodating throughout the process. At Freya’s first vet check she was given a clean bill of health and our vet said she was a great looking pup! We are very pleased with our experience and will definitely be getting any future pups from Alisha and her husband! On a side note the drive to Twisp was beautiful and well worth the little adventure! - Chloe

Best pups around!!!!!!! So thankful for the mcmillans and their tender loving dachshunds - Barbara

Best dachshunds in the land!!


We were fortunate to be referred to McMillans Dachshunds as a breeder of choice and we are so thankful for the opportunity to own one of their miniature dachshunds! Our stunning chocolate and tan male has such a sweet and pleasant demeanor, which I know we can attribute to such excellent breeding and caretaking! Not only do they offer excellent breeding and caretaking, but excellent customer service as well. Worth every penny! - KC

We did our research on Dachshund breeders and found that McMillans had the most straight forward process and beautiful pups in many different varieties of colors and coats. They are serious breeders that look for good homes for their dogs. I would reccomend them for anyone that is looking for a Dachshund and want to deal with a reputable breeder and not get scammed by puppy posts on FB marketplace. - David

I had a wonderful experience with the McMillans! I spent hours researching breeders and confidently settled on McMillans Dachshunds, even though I am not located in WA. The excellent customer service and good breeding ethics shown made the travel worth it to me. The entire process was a smooth one. When it was my turn on the waiting list, I received quick and friendly communication about the pickup process and any questions I had. When I arrived at the pick up location, I saw my soon-to-be puppy chasing Alisha’s young daughter in the grass and looking oh so happy!! It absolutely warmed my heart. After interacting with Alisha and her daughter for a little while, I could tell the family has so much love for all the puppies that come out of their home. They even took a moment to say goodbye to our girl before we left with her. My “Lumi” is just the greatest girl. From day one, we could tell she recognized different tones of voices, greetings, and even some commands, which shows me they spent time with the puppies and interacted with them a lot before sending them to new homes! Her demeanor and personality is better than I could have dreamed and I’m so happy with my choice to adopt from McMillans Dachshunds. If we decide to get a second puppy down the road, I won’t hesitate to work with them again. - Casey

McMillan Dachshunds are a wonderful family who raises wonderful puppies! Got my sweet boy Gus from this last weekend. You can tell just how much effort they put into each puppy. You can tell they work with crate training, potty and puppy pad training, “no biting”, and “come”. He is already so far ahead of the training game and impresses everyone he meets. Took him to the vet today for a checkup and my vet was also very impressed with his health, training, and documentation McMillans Dachshunds sent home with him.They are quick to respond, especially considering they are so busy with puppies, family, and farm. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a puppy! - Heather

Big thank you to McMillans’s for the extraordinary lengths you went through to make me feel comfortable with adopting! My experience was upfront and honest. I love that your puppies are part of your loving family until they go to their forever lap. It truly gives the puppy a wonderful social temperament, and I am able to take her with me everywhere. Strangers come up to me on the Daily asking to pet her and she calmly allows them that joy of touching her! McMillan’s you are are truly doing what was intended for you, I recommend your business to everyone who asks with confidence that they will be happy with a McMillan’s puppy! - Kristi

We picked up our puppy last Saturday morning, 11/2/2019 and Alisha was so accommodating knowing we had a very long drive home. This puppy has been amazing. She is very confident, well socialized and a very happy girl. She settled in with ease, eating, sleeping well and playing with her chew toy Alisha sent with her. We have never had a puppy this well rounded at 8 weeks old. We can not say enough good things about Alisha and Jim’s breeding program and the way they raise their puppies. We were on her waiting list for over a year until the right girl came along and we feel so blessed to have found McMillans Dachshunds. Very highly recommended


- Kathy

We adopted our sweet Emmett almost 1.5 years ago. From the moment we met at the airport, I knew he was exquisite and different. Emmett was potty trained, knew the name we had given him and was full of love right away .... ‘the McMillan’s difference’ is what we call it! We love him and his amazing disposition to a million pieces!! We thank you every single day for our precious boy! - Holly

We have received two wonderful pups from McMillans Dachshunds. I highly recommend them. Their pups are healthy, happy and well adjusted when they given to the new family. - Kisha

We picked up our boy Vinny on Monday 6/21/21 and I couldn’t be happier. He has the best temperament so far and I can already tell he is extremely smart. We are so happy with how this process went! I highly recommend McMillans! - Nicole