Upcoming Litters

NOTE: Our puppies are usually sold to families on our waiting list. Visit our Waiting List page for more details on our waiting list.

Wren & Aure - Due late April - Expecting Longhair ee Creams, Black & Cream Dapples

Opal & Sully - Due mid May 2024 - Expecting longhair puppies in ee Cream, Creams, blue, and black - dapples and solids.


Possible 2024 Litters
*These are just prospective litters, not mated*
Pairs may change if new dogs or bitches are added or removed from our breeding program

Kiwi x Banks - Longhair & Smooth in chocolate, black, red, blue, isabella, creams in solid, dapples and dapple piebald

Willow x Ace - Smooth & Longhair in Creams, Pie and dapples

Cherry x Forrest - Smooth & Longhair in red, cream, chocolate, black in dapple piebald and piebalds.

Millie x Ace - Smooth & Longhair in red, cream, chocolate, blue, isabella, black in solids, dapples, dapple pie and piebald.

Beans & Sully - Smooth & Longhair in black, blue, in solids and dapples

Sage & Banks - Longhair in Cream, black, blue in solids and dapples