About Us

McMillan's Dachshunds is a small breeder raising longhair and smooth dachshunds exclusively. We believe that it is important to love and socialize each dog. Our dogs are raised in our home and socialized daily with either us or our guardian families. Our dachshunds come in a variety of colors and patterns like English Cream, Chocolate, Reds, Blue, Isabella, Dapple, Piebald and Brindles. We have researched the breed extensively and carefully plan each and every breeding.

Our family lives in the beautiful Methow Valley, in Twisp, WA. Twisp is located in North Central Washington in Okanogan County. We have a farm on Methow River where we also raise Gypsy Vanner Horses and Dahlias. Our dachshunds love to play outside, chase the occasional bird, groundhog, or rabbit, run in the sprinklers, or just roll around in the grass with each other.

We have been raising dachshunds since 2004. Puppies may not always be available, but if you're looking for a certain color or coat, let us know and we'll let you know when one becomes available. We look forward to providing you with the puppy of your dreams.

We place our puppies in forever homes with a spay/neuter contract, unless otherwise agreed upon. The puppies we are blessed with are all very special to us, and they will always have a home at McMillan's Dachshunds, for life, if for some reason the new owners cannot keep their puppy. We always knew we wanted to raise puppies, and have found our "forever" breed. They have made us so happy, it's just a joy to have a dachshund in your life.

We have a waiting list for our exquisite puppies. If you are interested in getting a McMillan's Dachshund, we would recommend joining our waiting list.

Meet Our Staff - Our Family!

We are a busy family of six. We've been raising Dachshunds since before we had children so this is all our children know. They are our right hand helpers including but not limited to puppy socializers, poop scoopers, dog food haulers, bath time scrubbers, photo attendants, whelper watchers - you name it, they have helped with it! This is a family affair.