Waiting List

We feel when you make the commitment to bring a new puppy into your life that you are not continuing to "shop around" and you have committed to working with one breeder. This is why we use a waiting list for the purchase of our puppies. The waiting list process also allows us to screen our families in more detail. Some people join our waiting list for a puppy up to one year or more in advance. Approximately 95% of our puppies are sold off of our waiting list. A question we are often asked is, “How long is your waiting list?” There’s no easy answer to that question. Although we may have many folks on our list, some are waiting for something very specific (ie: certain color, certain gender) and they are willing to wait longer for their specific desire. We usually give an approximate wait time of 2-6 months, and that just depends on what you’re looking for and how flexible you are with your choice. We make no guarantee on a timeframe for a puppy. There is a non-refundable deposit that we require to be placed on our waiting list. The deposit is applied towards the purchase price of a puppy.

Puppy Pricing
: Our puppies start at $2000 (+8.7% Sales Tax for all) and go up from there depending on color, gender and quality. Females cost more than males. None of our puppies are priced until after birth. A $500 deposit is required within 24 hours once a puppy is chosen, the balance is paid at pickup. Deposits can be paid via Zelle, Facebook Pay, check, money order, cashiers check. Note - Full AKC/Breeding/Show rights are offered on a very limited basis to approved small breeders only with a strict contract.

Pet puppies CANNOT be shipped. However, we are happy to meet you at our local airport to pick up your pet puppy in person. Check with your airline if they require any extra paperwork prior to flying with your new puppy home.

Waiting List process:
How does the waiting list work? To join the waiting list you will submit a Puppy Application and Waiting List Contract. Once approved you will pay a $400 non-refundable waiting list deposit. This deposit holds your spot on the waiting list and is applied towards the purchase of your chosen puppy.

Selecting your puppy is easy. Generally around 4-6 weeks old the process begins! When you submit your contract you will list what type of puppy you are interested in. When we have a puppy available that matches your desires we notify you. Individuals on our waiting list are sent a notice either via email or Facebook that a puppy is available. Once we send out your notices, you have 24 hours to respond if you want to reserve said puppy and submit the required 50% deposit (less your $400 waiting list deposit). You are ONLY contacted when your specific requested puppy is available. If you pass twice on your specific/desired puppy then your waiting list deposit is forfeit. After 24 hours all remaining puppies will be placed available to the general public on a first come, first serve basis (upon approval).

Whether you are in a nearby city or multiple states away, we'll help guide you each step of the way. Many choose to make the selection from the convenience of their own living room with the assistance of pictures, or videos and plenty of conversations (starting at 4 weeks). You are encouraged to pick more than one choice in the event your chosen puppy is already adopted.

Young puppies are very susceptible to disease. Usually at 8-9 weeks old, they'll be ready to go home! For our other puppy’s safety, we do not allow in-home visits if we have other younger un-vaccinated puppies at home. This is non-negotiable. See our visitation policy for more information.

Remember, the more specific you are in your request for a desired puppy (color, coat type, dam, sire, eye color, etc) the longer your wait for a new puppy will be. McMillan's Dachshunds reserves the right to first pick of any puppy, on all of our litters.

Again, we wish you all the best in your journey of finding the perfect puppy. We know it's an important decision and we're here to assist in any way we can. We'd love to hear from you so feel free to call or email us. If you have already reviewed our waiting list information here and would like to join our waiting list, contact us and request a copy of our Waiting List Contract and payment instructions.

Please request a copy of our Waiting List Contract and Application for full details.

To start the process of joining our waiting list, please complete and return this form to us. By submitting this application, you are NOT being put on the waiting list. Only after approval, submitting our Waiting List Contract, and a $400 non-refundable deposit is received will you be added to the priority waiting list.